Meet Our Inbound Recruiting Platform

Instead of giving you more gauges to read what’s not working, we focus on providing a private,
personalized and curated experience that your students and employers prefer to use.


Target personalized career pathways content to your students.

Surface relevant career content for your students on their mobile device.

Establish a proven methodology of “what-to-do-next” tasks based on student engagement.

Auto-generate personalized messages for students and employers as they move through the recruiting funnel.

Auto generate personalized messages your students and employers as they move through the recruiting funnel.


Create to-dos, evaluate resumes, review job applications, enter notes, and access all student and employer engagement data.

View, message and track conversations with students and employers through a team inbox.

Leverage theWhether to highlight relevant aspects of your employers’ value propositions.

Students have a safe-haven for discovering employers without sharing personal identifying information before they are ready.


Report the outcomes that matter for your institution.

Review student and employer engagement metrics from your dashboard.

Configure one-click reports to see what’s going on in real time.

Capture and verify graduate outcomes view student and employer engagement activity.

Bring all of your data together with API integrations to your SIS, LMS and CSM.

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