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Instead of giving you more gauges to read what’s not working, we focus on providing a private,
personalized and curated career discovery experience that your students and employers will actually engage with.


Deliver personalized & dynamic career pathways content.

Surface relevant career content for your students on their mobile device.

Coach your students to success with a systematic list of to-dos.

Facilitate stronger student and employer engagement at scale with personalized and automated messaging.


Help your students find the best opportunities.

View, message and track conversations between students and employers.

Highlight relevant aspects of your employers’ value propositions.

Protect your students’ personal information as they safely discover relevant opportunities before they are ready to apply.


Report the outcomes that matter for your institution.

Review student and employer engagement metrics from your dashboard.

Capture and verify graduate outcomes through student and employer engagement activity.

Bring all of your data together with API integrations to your SIS, LMS and CSM.


The Whether Captures over 18,200 Unique Engagement Data Points Never Before Tracked

The Skandalaris Center at Washington University in St. Louis demonstrates a commitment to innovation that all higher education institutions can embrace. The Center’s Summer Program fosters professional development by giving students an immersive experience into the booming startup community of St. Louis through a 10-week paid internship funded, in part, by the university. In Spring ’17, the Skandalaris Center partnered with Better Weekdays to manage the intern matching process on The Whether. The platform allowed the Skandalaris team to track all engagement and connect students with relevant ventures more efficiently and effectively.

I could use the reporting tools to track students that had not completed required steps for the program. Then, with one message, I could nudge them to finish. I could also track the startups that had searched for, favorited, and sent messages to students. — Jessica Stanko, Washington University Campus Services Coordinator, Skandalaris Program Lead

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