What is Inbound Recruiting?

Inbound recruiting is a methodology that creates unforgettable candidate impressions through employer engagement strategies that help companies build relationships with top talent.

Traditional recruiting strategies are like handing out individual glasses of water. On a warm summer day, you clearly have what people want, but the results are limited. You may reach some candidates, but it is not scalable, efficient, or cost-effective.

Inbound recruiting builds an environment that attracts and engages with interested candidates on your behalf. Some people will dive right in. Others will dip their toes. But everyone will appreciate the pool. And your HR team can quickly identify the most interested (and interesting) candidates.

Are you ready to Check The Whether?

The Whether automates how you attract, engage and hire relevant college students by presenting your brand and opportunities within an exceptional experience along the candidate journey.

ATTRACT best regional talent by marketing your brand to college students.

Target your brand within a candidate’s opportunity feed.

Capture visitors to your website who are interested in working for you, but not ready to apply.

Post all of your job opportunities and projects.

Capture student attention before, during and after campus visits to gain a competitive edge.

ENGAGE students and build relationships to nurture potential applicants.

Send and manage direct messages to candidates through a team inbox.

Generate personalized messages that are triggered by candidate interactions with your content.

Target corporate culture, innovation announcements and professional development resources.

Earmark current candidates and re-engage when relevant opportunities are available.

HIRE qualified and relevant candidates for your opportunities.

Access candidates from impactful and relevant networks in your region.

View candidates with culture fit, skill set alignment and experience level.

Our matching algorithms create a shortlist of candidates.

Source candidates from HBCU and minority networks to diversify your workforce.

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